‘You are what you eat!’

So why not eat healthy and live happy and long?

For years we have been eating toxic produce under the pretext of achieving higher agricultural output. In reality, neither is a higher output achieved, nor a healthier community built.

Organic farming on the other hand ensures a holistic system with no pesticides and no chemicals used on the produce.

None of us can do everything, but all of us can do something – so take the first step and do the needful- GO ORGANIC-EAT HEALTHLY!

We at O!Bhaji simplify the whole process and home deliver to you fresh and 100% organic vegetables and grocery.

In 1976 Kasargod in Kerala was sprayed with Endosulfan (pesticide banned in the world) to protect the cashew crop from pests. 15,000 acres was infused with the pesticide. Even after 1000s of deaths and innumerable deformities, we as a country have still not banned the pesticide!

Chemicals: Oxytocin hormone – Used to increase the size and freshness of vegetables like bottle gourd

Causes: Abortions, still births and kidney damage

Chemicals- Copper sulphate – Used to artificially color vegetables like ladies finger

Causes: Anaemia.

Media brought out the positive effects of Organic farming and also brought to light what harm inorganic farming is bringing to the ecosystem in general. Here's the link to the show conducted by Amir Khan on Satyameva Jayate: